Monday, August 12, 2013

Memory Monday

I remember the days when I was so scared of getting pregnant and would literally freak out at the thought of it.  My focus in academia and doing things "the right way".

I remember my love for children from a young age... people would ask me to babysit coz I was just in love with little kids.  We got along great; I loved them, they loved me.

I remember the plans hubs and I made in regards to family; two children, maybe adopt one.

I remember the first time I had a pregnancy scare and my heart was literally in my mouth.  Now I know that when I do get preggers, my heart will be in my mouth from joy.

I remember being cautioned against teen pregnancy on a very regular basis by my mother..... this especially when she saw me flirting with boys.

I remember questioning whether I would like to have babies in the future, and whether I would be a good mother.  Now I know that I would love love love to be a mother and will try to be the best mother my munchkin will ever have.



  1. Thanks for sharing. I remember when I got pregnant with our bio daughter, feeling like we should have done it the "right way" (ie, waiting a long time and planning it out.) now I'm so glad fo have her because she might be the only one. I'm hopeful for you that you too get your chance! (and you will be a good momma cause you know what it's like tonwant your baby so bad and have to wait.