Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 42

It is CD 42 and AF is nowhere in sight.  Even though I was forwarned about this, I feel blind sided.  I am taking the darn progest pills and I am not really sure what they are doing, if anything.  Cross that, they are def giving me the strangest dreams!  The last few days I have been having the wierdest of wierd dreams!  Including an encounter with a hermaphrodite.  No offense to them, but that was way wierd. 

Now that I am a year older (on the number count I have to give when someone asks me how old I am).  I trully feel/hear the clock clanging instead of ticking.  I know I am not that much older, but these issues make me feel like I am running out of time.  Silly, I know.  Do you ever feel that way too every time you celebrate your birthday?

Anyways, I am so Blessed beyond measures and I have been in a very grateful zone lately.  I talked to one of my close gfs who recently struggled with 2 miscarriages.  She, at the very young age of 43 got pregnant twice and so easily... unfortunately, was unable to sustain both of them.  I hope and pray that she succeeds in her journey to hold a new born daughter of her own.  I encouraged her with capital letters to seek help from an RE as opposed to her OBGYN who just loaded her up on Clomid.  I wondered why Clomid since her main issue was embies sticking.  Maybe some of you know this?

My bestie also offered her eggs if all else fails.  Thing is, we are of the same age.  I wonder how that works?  Has any of you ever thought of a close donor like that?  She prolly would have to freeze/save herself some first:)  She is in med school and not married yet.  I actually thought that would be kinda cool coz I just love her!  Not to forget she is beautiful and quite smart if I may say so.


  1. Yes, that brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes we need those little reminders that we are loved and Blessed despite these struggles.