Monday, May 27, 2013

This thing called marriage

I sometimes wonder whether every couple goes through the same things we do..... Or if not every couple, maybe most couples....
Sometimes we get along so well and I cannot think of anyone I would rather spend my life with.  Just on Sat, we went on a dinner date to a really nice restaurant, had such a great time, just the two of us....him and I.... yesterday, we spent time with my in-laws and it was really great....
Then other times I wonder.... I know I tend to sweat small things, but they are stuff, and at times they signify a bigger picture to me.  I hope I am not in the end gonna be one of those spouses who are packing on remorse,  everything piles up, then all it can do is burst into an unpleasant mess.
A few weeks ago, hubs n I went for a double date with a couple friend.  At that time, we planned on going for dinner with them on Memorial Day.  But it seems that he forgot all about it and was unwilling to go because he wasn't mentally Prepared to go.  So I was stuck with having to apologize to them, n showing up alone.  I know that it should not be such a big deal, but it really bothered me.
I need to learn how to deal with such petty issues, to let go and not analyze everything.  To realize that he sometimes gets bogged down by all the social stuff that I sign him up for.  Being an introvert, it is tiring for him to do the social scene as much as I would want.... I am an extrovert, and the social scene recharges me.  Uuurggh...
Back to baby making, I was awakened by a hot flash today and have some mild cramps on my lower abdomen today.  I feel AF showing her face in a few days n am honestly not looking forward.  I would rather not see her for another nine months....:(  I will stay green and avoid the red as much as I possibly can.

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