Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mind games

The mind is very funny indeed.... This I say because of how much it can mislead you based on your predicament...
Since I believe I ovulated on the 16th, n my temps have remained elevated, I start feeling pregnant right  I know it sounds so cooky, but by all means I am somewhat nauseous, mild headaches, joint pain n cramping after ovulation jabs... I am going nuts, of course the urine test is neg at 6dpo.
I call my doc's office for a blood test at 8dpo.  That was a long two hours!  The call from the nurse almost made my heart pop through my mouth, and unfortunately, it is negative.... I feel winded and disappointed given the symptoms I had been having.  It is funny because the symptoms disappear soon after I learn that I am def not  I have officially lost it:)

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