Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sinking in

May is awareness month for me.  I decide to start eating healthy, I dramatically cut my sugar and meat intake.  I read a few books focusing on natural fertility for infertility.  I realize what an uphill battle we are in for.  Not sure hubs is there yet.  In addition to fish oil and prenatal, I start taking Vit D per my RE's recommendation, DHEA, Vitex, and CoQ10.  I am still getting acupuncture.  The RE recommends we get regular on the baby dance, which we do.....  We learn that scheduling BD every other day works best since ovulation is as unpredictable as you all get.

The hot flashes return end of April then they quietly disappeared on the 2nd week of May..
I believe I ovulated on the 16th based on my temps.... Unfortunately, I didn't have an OPK, so I can't say for certain.....

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